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Hello, we’re Vixamo.

At Vixamo we wanted to make interior design both fun, easy and accesable for our clients. Our revolutionary streamlined designed process and service is able to both save time, money and frustration for our clients.
We use the our own visualization technologies integrated into each step of the design process. This mean that our clients can really be fully part of the design process and be confident with their interior design before starting their project.
“Vixamo, hassle free interior design.️”

Our Founders

Rachel Shamah

Design Queen

Rachel is a seasoned interior designer who lives in Rananna. She has completed hundreds of projects here in Israel and New York. She manages our interior designers and our design processes.

Jon Dyne

Tech Wiz

Jon is a seasoned CTO who is based in Tel Mond. He has vast experienced in 3d technologies. Jon currently heads up our 3d visualization team.

Liora Finn

Chief Stylist

Liora runs our home styling and has a keen eye for detail and a passion for finding innovative solutions, she excels in transforming living areas into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments